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Disclaimer to Customer Print E-mail

Please read carefully: does not supply insurance with any material supplied.

Its advised that you add the games on to your own personal insurance 

The instructions printed on this form are there to help the participants have a fun time, and ensure their safety. Please read and follow all the safety and rental instructions listed. Please use your own common sense and have a great time!

The hirer  will be held fully liable for any damage or loss of equipment.

1. will not be responsible for any accidents while using the suits and strongly recommends the user takes out home insurance for all users of the sumo suits and any activities used while wearing or in contact with the does not provide liability insurance. 
2. The hirer will be liable to pay the cost of any lost stolen or damaged equipment.
3. The equipment must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
4. All extreme boisterous behavior should not be permitted.
5. Do not allow anymore than one person per sumo suit.
6. The person’s using the suits must be more than 3ft tall. will not be responsible for any accidents while using the suits. 
8. No footwear or any other hard, sharp or dangerous objects which could cause damage to other participants or the equipment, i.e.(buckles, pens, purses, hearing aids, glasses etc.) should be worn.
9. No food or drink should be taken onto or used while engaging with equipment. (This is for your own safety)
10. No persons on medication should be allowed on the equipment.
11. Should any of the equipment fail for any reason, all persons should be removed immediately to prevent injury.
             12.The hirer will be responsible for the safety of the sumo suits at all times and the people using it.

Equipment included:

  • Two sumo suits
  • Two helmets
  • Two neck braces
  • One sumo mat.


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